The time has come for you to escape the normal, to break away from the familiar. It’s time to indulge in a day of leisure and beauty.

L’Elegance is an all-inclusive salon where licensed professionals aspire to the most stylish and innovative techniques. Our professional stylists live to give the gift of beauty and joy and, with years of experience and training in salons all over the world, there is no team better suited for the task.

We re-style, re-texture, re-color and revitalize hair. Our accomplished stylists are experts in a variety of hair care techniques and will employ all of their skills to make you look spectacular.

Our skilled professionals provide a variety of nail care services to ensure a completely relaxing and beautifying experience. We also offer hair and nail analyses so you can care for your look once you’ve left the salon.

Escape the routine and feel beautiful.

We also offer hair, body and skin analyses.